We've got our  2019 Theme - it's

(Beauty and the Beast without the beauty - creative peeps willing to flesh this out are SOOO welcome!!)

Below...pix of The Duffy String Band winning Viewer's Choice, 2018


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comin' up to hang out in Fishtown



Welcome to The Duffy String Band home! We hope you'll feel at home. The Duffy String Band is a teaching string band. Please show up with intermediate, advanced, or beginner skills or without ever having picked up an instrument. We welcome ALL players. We meet on Wednesday nights at 2230 Cedar St. in Fishtown at 6:30 PM. except for June, July and August. On these  Wednesdays, we march to pay our bills! We are North Wildwood's official mummers club. We march on the boardwalk. Our theme for 2018 was the Wizard of Oz. We call it Wiz Wit'. We received 9th place. Our captain, the youngest in the history of the mummers, received fourth place. For 2019, our theme is --and The Beast!! Beauty?? Well, come join us and we'll decide together!!





New Years Day!

Duffy #1 as voted by Philly viewers!

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